Continued growth across the board

History of the Group

Growth to two or even three figures... The first 10 years of the Adverline Group were full of development and innovations. Born in the excitement of the internet bubble, Adverline made progress by avoiding market downturns and by surfing new technologies.

Continued growth across the board


Creation of Adverline, Internet Ad Network thanks to the development of proprietary ad serving technology: AdNext


Start of commercial activity of the Agency and setting up of a network of themed sites with average audience numbers.


Start-up of micropayment activity under the brand Optelo.


Start-up of Publishing activity with the launch of Zone-ADSL (comparison site) and acquisition of shareholding in KP Média, editor of (student/teacher linking site). More and more sites join the internet management agency, the audience threshold of 3 million unique visitors per month was reached.


Micropayment activity expands and reaches the 50,000 transactions per month threshold.


The commercial and development teams are increased. Adverline is labelled Oseo Anvar and named "innovative business".


Introduction on Alternext by Euronext™ Paris on 19 May to develop the publishing area on the key markets: B2B, Decorating, Tourism, etc. The Group continues to develop its publishing activity by acquiring (leader in B2B online financial information) and by taking major shareholdings in (decorating comparison site) and (travel blog site).


Increase in capital in September with a public issue in order to accelerate growth of the publishing area. Strengthening of the Adverline leadership in its internet B2B area by control taking of Vertical Mail (leader in B2B e-mailing). Full acquisition of KP Média (Kelprof) and control taking in Oxeva, specialist in hosting critical sites and editor of (12-24 year old community).


Adverline asserts itself more than ever as the specialist in internet audience mutualisation and monetisation. The publishing area continues to grow with a stake in the Group (Sustainable development). Adverline finally strengthens its presence in the 12-24 target market with Kazéo, a blog site.


The Adverline Group is now one of the top ten internet ad nerwork sites in France and one of the largest independent companies with 20 million unique visitors and 2.4 million B2B addresses. The Publishing area is still increasing in power with the launch of the sites and


Thanks to a partnership between Optelo and Cellfish, the Adverline Group establishes itself as one of the key French players in the field of micropayment. Adverline becomes the French leader in five areas: B2B, Decorating, House & Property, Entertainment, Tourism and Sustainable Development.