The Adverline Group

Audience monetisation through excellence.

Since 1999, we have transformed the online audience in revenues, by giving full value to its contents. Listed on the Alternext market since 2006, the Adverline Group has developed a coherent strategy through complementary services: internet ad network, micropayment, internet site hosting and publishing, etc.

Expertise in pooling audiences.

In 10 years, Adverline has become one of the top 10 French internet ad network sites by federating hundreds of sites, channeling audiences in order to become indispensable in media planning: more than 20 million unique visitors each month, more than one in two internet users reached, 700 sites managed to guarantee power and targeting, etc. Building on its Publishing hub, Adverline centres its management service around its proprietary sites by linking them to partner sites in subject-orientated packages. A strategy that can offer quality content and attract specific targets, from the most general to the most specialised. The result: a complete service to meet all Branding and Performance challenges, not to mention an unprecedented power in B2B e-mailing, thanks to a high quality and very reactive database.

Exclusive technologies for online monetisation.

From content to revenue, it's only one step with Adverline... and a few clicks. But, above all, there are proprietary technologies to increase the ROI of advertisers and to maximise the revenues of editors. Besides ad network and ad serving, our engineers have developed AdNext in order to ensure maximum flexibility and reactivity. Besides online payment methods, Adverline offers one of the largest services on the market to facilitate the act of internet purchasing, to ensure user loyalty and to generate new revenue: Mobile, Audiotel, SMS, Internet+, mobile internet (MPME) Paypal, Credit Card, etc. All payment methods are available thanks to Optelo technology, the third French micropayment platform, and a partnership with Cellfish, no. 1 premium mobile. Finally, to ensure optimum hosting, Adverline relies on technology from its subsidiary company Oxeva, with its reputation for know-how in critical sites and traffic peaks.